This admittedly is not a lot to go on. Perhaps this will have more information at some point, haha. My name is Jerome Fitzgerald, and I like to laugh.

I have been performing comedy for over a decade. Aside from performing all-over, I’ve also been extremely fortunate to take courses from some of the funniest people in the comedy world, and as a result, thee world: Craig Cackowski, Kevin McDonald, Jaime Moyer, Christine Nangle, Natalie Palamides, Rich Talarico, Reggie Watts, and “more”!

These past few years have been utterly exhausting at best, completely soul crushing at worst, so it is nice to remember nice people.

🤓 Software Engineering

My focus has been to help people take ownership of their future within a supportive environment that empowers them to self-realize and achieve their goals.

I co-founded EmplifiedAn icon representing an arrow pointing diagonally towards the top right corner of the screen. (rip), and am currently doing international business things at a company made famous by Paul Rand (and for their international business machinery).

I’ve also worked with Fortune 100, start-ups, and everywhere in-between. Leading initiatives and teams through human centered design methodsAn icon representing an arrow pointing diagonally towards the top right corner of the screen. so all facets of the business are clear on what defines done and how together we can share responsibility, success, and grow in a positive manner as a collective and individuals.

🕸 Website

Please check the colophon for some inspiration in the making of this website.

🚗 Roadmap

I do not have a lot here right now, as I am continuing to build out the website. Probably in the future it would be good to have like a Roadmap here or something for things like:

📹 Show Videos

Would probably be cool to have some videos to show or a sting reel here, huh?

These shows were super fun:

📺 Commercials

Would probably be cool to have photos, or videos, from them here, huh?

  • AT&T
  • Google
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • & a not so alarming amount of others

👋 Okay well

Goodbye Check out the rest of the site please, haha.