Jerome Fitzgerald (he/him)

An actor, comedian, & writer hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.Jerome is wearing a black suit, with a paper mâché head of Charles Entertainment Cheese Junior. A blue duct-tap cap with a yellow “C” resides between two giant rat (mouse?) ears with a cut-out for his face. He is standing pointing an accusatory finger at two poor seated schlubs about to incur his wrath. Due to his stance and finger pointing you cannot see his face under the paper mâché rat head and just see his right ear and side cheek. There is an empty pizza box on a chair behind him.
An icon representing a camera. It has a rounded rectangular shape with a flash in the upper left and its larger lens on the right.

Charles Entertainment Cheese Jr. en-farting-route to SF Sketchfest (Photo by Bob Shields)

👋 Hello

I mostly focus on writing and performing comedy. With the occasional drama or musical number, and a healthy career in engineering leadership.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, my shows have featured in:

  • Chicagoland
  • Cleveland
  • Detroit
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • & San Francisco

Here are some nice quotes from nice people:

“If there were a Tony for off-Broadway, short-form sketch musicals, this would win it... among the funniest things I’ve ever seen” - Pittsburgh Magazine’s Sean Collier
“(S)hout-out for comic excellence in the cast goes to Jerome Fitzgerald” - Broadway World

“There’s a part in Bubble Boy: The Musical where my husband laughed so hard that he started to choke (don’t worry, he’s fine).” - Pittsburgh City Paper‘s Amanda Waltz