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Upcoming Events that feature comedian Jerome Fitzgerald. Though primarily based in Pittsburgh, occasionally he will venture out into the wide world and do shows elsewhere.

January of 2020, I was performing in SF Sketchfest. In February, did my last festival. I usually do over a hundred shows a year.

The first week of March, I stopped performing anywhere in-person and it was an incredibly easy decision.

At the start I was doing weekly shows online to raise money for charity and brought in friends from outside of Pittsburgh like: Ahri Findling (NYC), Casually Dope (BMORE), Chanel Ali (NYC), Cigarette Sandwich (CHI), Eric Dadourain (BMORE), Helen Wildy (SEA), Pallavi Gunalan (LA), and more.

We raised a few thousand. Not too shabby.

Taken a step back to re-focus offline. If any shows I am going to feature in come up, they will be here I guess. Though I imagine anyone who did check my website for upcoming events stopped a long time ago. (Thank you for reading this far.)

Slowly adding old events: 👀