Jer & Ky (& Guest)

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Two Dummies (Jer & Ky) + One Guest (& Guest)

= Four Podcasts in One

(Every Episode is like 3-5 minutes)

Jer (Jerome Fitzgerald) & Ky (Kyle E. Long [technically a stage name?]) are two people who know each other, who know other people and have decided to waste each other and everyone’s time.

  • Am I Dracula?: Where we find out if the guest is, in fact, Dracula.
  • They A Bitch: A game show podcast where we find out, who, in fact, is a bitch.
  • Danks For The Memories: Jer or Ky have a fond memory of the guest, so they want to Dank Dem.
  • My Favorite Murder, She Wrote: Angela Lansbury is the greatest of all-time, and her run as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote is the greatest run of any thing in the history of the world. So Jer & Ky invite a guest to share their favorite Murder, She Wrote episode.




  • Jerome Fitzgerald
  • Kyle Longsdorf
  • Jerome Fitzgerald
  • Greg Gillotti
  • Jesse LE