Alex O’Jerome

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Jerome & Alex are on stage sitting on chairs in front of a crowd with a red curtain behind them. They and the chairs are pointed towards the crowd where Alex has a spotlight on them to deliver a soliloquy with Jerome off to her left.

Them Vomit Twinz doing them Vomit Thingz in Detroit (Photo by PJ Jacokes)

LAX to PIT Connection. The Vomit Twinz. AOJ are Alex O’Brien and Jerome Fitzgerald.

In 2019 they performed at the Detroit Improv Festival & San Diego Improv Festival.

Separately they have featured in comedy festivals in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, & Toronto.

They have performed death-defying stunts, they have successfully not murdered each other in the process, and have become honorary Muppets from Kermit himself.

Vomit Twinz played to a standing room only show at Arcade to close out 2019 with over 25 Special Guests and went for 2 hours.

Why? We still do not know why. If you like fun. You like these two dorks.

A poster designed by Anna C Reilly which portrays Alex, facing forward with red tones wearing glasses mouth open vomiting out a rainbow, and Jerome, also facing forwards with orange tones, and if you could believe, also vomiting a rainbow into colorful show title that reads Alex O’Jerome. Below has a listing of all the acts and date for a show that took place on Saturday, December 28th. Over 10 special guests (not including surprises) and some very regal Cannes award winning insignia showing that AOJ was recently at both the Detroit Improv Festival and San Diego. Along with ways to buy tickets. (Nice job, Anna!)

🖼 Poster by Anna C Reilly



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