Preparing for a big final number the cast of Boo Humbag gathers around a table fit for a Christmas feast! Scrooge and the young Dog Tim are kneeling. Scrooge has an ascot, gold teeth, and a bag full of junk. Tim rocks a newsies cap and scarf. Tim’s family looks on in earnest as the two look to begin to belt into song.
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The Young Dog (Tim) informing the Gold Tooth Scrooge the true meaning of Christmas with family and friends looking on. (Photo by Nico Segall Tobon)

Scrooge, Some Ghosts, the beloved small child dog Tim, even Elvis and other special and surprise guests all came together in this spectacular musical production for the holiday season.

In 2018 this was a sold-out 3 show spectacular at Arcade Comedy Theater, located in Pittsburgh‘s Cultural District.

The most celebrated morality tale of all-time was transformed by into a hilarious send-up complete with original song and dance numbers. Gold, Toe Nails, & A Christmas Miracle.


Some of the wonderful people who make it happen.
  • Greg Gillotti
Musical director
  • Alexei Plotincov
Technical director
  • Aaron Tarnow
  • Jerome Fitzgerald