Bubble Boy: The Musical

Shawn (Jerome) is wearing a blue oxford with a bouqeut of roses. He is looking lovingly into Mark’s (Noah Welter) eyes. Mark is also looking lovingly into Shawn’s eyes while wearing a t-shirt that is an all-over print of a Tiger. To the right is the store attendant  (Rachel Pfennigwerth) looking like an officiant the as they walk down a make-believe wedding aisle.
An icon representing a camera. It has a rounded rectangular shape with a flash in the upper left and its larger lens on the right.

I’m always thinking nachos. (Photo by Louis Stein)

We’re Bright. Bright & Shiny

Bubble Boy: The Musical ran for a month at Arcade Comedy Theater in September 2019 to sold out audiences.

A musical ahead of its time for a month long run at Arcade Comedy Theater. Written by Cinco Paul.

“(S)hout-out for comic excellence in the cast goes to Jerome Fitzgerald ... (he) juggles dumb jock, stoner, frat bro and gay panic stereotypes without ever becoming too broad or too offensive in a tricky role to pull off today.” - Broadway World
“There’s a part in Bubble Boy: The Musical where my husband laughed so hard that he started to choke (don’t worry, he’s fine).” - Pittsburgh City Paper


  • Bob
  • Don DiGiulio
Musical director
  • Joseph Stamerra
Technical director
  • Char
  • Michael Rubino
  • Cinco Paul
  • Ken Daurio