Jerome &

Jerome is sitting next to a seated silhouette of a person to their left. In the silhouette is “Jerome &.” Jerome is sitting in front of a red wall, with a black curtain to the right. He is cheesing something ridiculous with a giant smile, closed eyes, and his arms draped over his legs. It is obvious something funny just happened, but what could it have been?!
An icon representing a camera. It has a rounded rectangular shape with a flash in the upper left and its larger lens on the right.

Who will be Jerome & next? (Photo ???)

Since 2017, Jerome has been inviting a Special Guest (or two, or four, or more) to perform a Special Show with him.

They are joined by some funny friends for more acts of improv, sketch, stand-up, music and more in this show that provides a variety of comedy to you, the viewer.

(There is also an improv set with a [self-]volunteer from the audience.)

It's a wildly fun show where anything can happen.

Past Guests have included

  • Anna C. Reilly
  • Alex O’Brien
  • Chanel Ali
  • Erica Sera
  • Missy Moreno
  • Nia Johnson
  • Pallavi Gunalan
  • & MORE


  • Jerome Fitzgerald
  • Jerome Fitzgerald