My Dinner With André: The Musical

The Criterion Collection got the full Experience treatment.

“A........MA........ZING!” - Jethro Nolen, Arcade Comedy Theater Co-Founder

Justin as André, Jerome as Wallace

“If there were a Tony for off-Broadway, short-form sketch musicals, this would win it... among the funniest things I’ve ever seen” - Pittsburgh Magazine’s Sean Collier

With the help of our piano playing friend Jesse LE...

We created a one-of-a-kind surreal musical from one of the choicest films of all-time. With such hits as:

  • - Then What Happened
  • - Theater Stories
  • - My Dinner With Him
  • - & Three different people in my family were in the hospital at the same time (Then my mother died)
  • Special Guests infiltrate The Dinner of Dinners.

    In 2017 we made it standing room only for this sit-down restaurant masterpiece.

    “My Dinner with André is the kind of show I hoped for when starting a comedy theater – it has multiple and varied elements of artistic expression (video, sketch, original music) all wrapped up in bold, hilarious comedy. It is precise without being stiff, and relaxed without being clumsy. If you haven't had a chance to see JJE yet, this is the show to go to.” - Abby Fudor, Arcade Comedy Theater Co-Founder