A very vivid and bright illustration of The Death Show cast. The background is a painted pink that varies in hue. The six cast members are gathered in a family style portrait. Ayne is wearing a maudlin dress with her long black hair not to be outmatched by her pale complexion with running mascara. Jerome clean-shaven with blonde hair stands in blue slacks, a pea coat, complete with tie, holding a single lilly. Brian is wearing glasses with beard. He is in a suit with knickers, green plaid. In his hands he is holding a head in a jar. That head is Nicole’s. How her head got in there, we are not sure. Greg is in shorts a striped t-shirt holding flowers with hairy arms. In the back holding an umbrella to cover them all is Justin, with a top hat that has its own scarf blowing in the wind. Standing like a spectre above all dressed completely in black.
An icon representing a camera. It has a rounded rectangular shape with a flash in the upper left and its larger lens on the right.

The Deadies. (Illustration by Caitlin Rose Boyle)

An improvised funeral.

Good Grief

Pittsburgh’s longest running death themed improv show.

More of a celebration of life, than death itself. Let this experienced crew and their special guests take you on a journey to the other side as we put the YOU in eulogy, the FUN in funeral, and the FU in fun.

Since 2012, this show has been a monthly staple (and for one year, weekly).



Some of the wonderful people who make it happen.
Technical director
  • Aaron Tarnow
  • Greg Gillotti