JFLE: SF Sketchfest

JFLE (Jerome & Jesse LE) are headed to the 19th annual SF Sketchfest with TWO SHOWS closing weekend! For Sunday’s show we are joined by: Bo Johnson, Hot Pot Comedy, & Squad Patrol!

An icon representing a calendar. It has two hooks as if the paper is a rip-off type of calendar per month, with small shaded squares with symbolizing days of a month.

Sunday, January 26th

An icon representing a clock. It is a circular clock with the hour hand at the four and minute at the twelve.

10:00PM EST (Sunday)

An icon representing a map. This is a page that has been folded into four equal rectangles each kind of askew a bit to show depth. There is nothing within this outline of the four rectangles.

Pittsburgh, PA

An icon representing a location marker. This is an outline marker that looks like a guitar pick with the bigger side at the top with a circle cut out.


An icon representing a tag. The tag has a small hole where it would be attached to something larger, and is pointing towards the upper left.




  • Aaron Tarnow

  • Beth Glick

  • Regina Connolly