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FRI 05/22 08PM ET: Join Jerome as he takes over TEH INTERNET with his TEH INTERNET FRIENDZ for your SAFE AT TEH HOME ENJOYMENT.

Jerome is getting some funny folks from coast-to-coast together for an(other) online show. Featuring Eric Dadourian (BMORE), Well Known Strangers (PGH), & More!

Join Jerome (SF Sketchfest, Bubble Boy: The Musical, JFLE, & more) as he takes over TEH INTERNET with his TEH INTERNET FRIENDZ for your SAFE AT TEH HOME ENJOYMENT.

Special guests will join for improv, sketch, stand-up, and more as the wheels fall off before they ever got put on, on this one-of-a-kind(ish) show!

  • Eric Dadourian, BMORE

  • Helen Wildy, SEA

  • Suzanne Lawrence, PGH

  • Zach Funk, PGH

  • Well Known Strangers, PGH

  • TwinTalk, LA

  • Daddy New Year, PGH

  • Aaron Tarnow


412 Food Rescue: Their mission is to prevent perfectly good food from entering the waste stream by redirecting it to those who are experiencing food insecurity.

100% of the money we get access to shared through Eventbrite or Twitch will go directly to 412 Food Rescue.

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Yes. This was a monthly show at Arcade Comedy Theater and we want to continue being safe for our fans and performers. So we are bringing the show directly to you by the power of the internet. Live performances from our artists were meant to be on stage with laughter. So please be kind and patient. Will the internet do internet things? Yes. Will reminders about video and microphones happen? Probably. Will we do our best as if it we were in-person and together? Always.

We've done this show a few times from a technical aspect, and some of our performers may be doing an online show for the first time. It'll be weird, it'll be funny, it'll be just for you.

As with our live shows in-person, we request that you do not record or redistribute in any way. Our mission is to have this be a safe space for our performers. We'll all have fun together!

Major props to our Technical Director Aaron Tarnow at the helm.

A separate anonymous donation has been made to pay performers. Thank you kind person(s)!


This is for mature audiences only, as we may be doing very immature things. Lineups subject to change. No refunds (on a free show).