Nebby Neighbors

Saturday October 16th at 08PM
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, PA

NextDoor-inspired Variety Show

Peek over the fence and listen through the hedges, it’s time to join the borough of Nebby Neighbors! This NextDoor-inspired variety show answers your biggest local questions--is your power out? Is this cat a stray or missing? What is a township? It’s a hilarious day in the neighborhood full of improv, sketch, stand-up, and music presented by an ensemble cast that prove funny things happen when neighbors come together.

This month's cast includes Ben Amiri, Bev Conrique, Jerome Fitzgerald, Beth Geatches, Jocelyn Hillen, Nia Johnson, Tyler Ray Kendrick, Mike Madsen, Sarah Morgan, Kevin O'Brien, and Bob Rudenborg.

Produced by Sarah Morgan and Beth Geatches.

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