Arcade Hootenanny



  • Saturday, April 15th

  • @ 08:00PM EDT


  • Arcade Comedy Theater

  • ...

  • ...

  • ..., .. .....


  • Need a time machine.


  • Alistair Spatz

  • Bre Brown

  • Christina Powers

  • Kevin O’Brien

  • Montaja Simmons

  • Nilesh Shah

  • Raina Deerwater

  • Trevor Miles

A promotional image for the Arcade Hootenanny. The monologist Bre Brown is in a hand-drawn golden ornate frame as if their picture should be hung on a wall in a museum. She has a big smile and her hair is draped over a red floral pattern top. There is a speech bubble that is a mish-mash of a lot of hand-drawn images that are to represent what possible stories they could tell. Toothpaste, pizza, a polar bear vomiting, a ravenous chicken with a fork and knife in their wings ready to eat, a green dinosaur wearing sunglasses, a snake coming out of pair of cowboy boots. A thumbs up coming from a cast, and of course a hot dog. There are more. It is a lot. Very vivid!

Poster by Nick Jaramillo

The Arcade Hootenanny is styled after the classic Chicago-style improv show featuring monologist-inspired scenes. Our storyteller tells real-life stories inspired by an audience suggestion, and then Pittsburgh’s best and brightest improvisors present a fast & funny set based on elements from the story. Produced by Nick Jaramillo.