Saturday, July 15thAn icon representing a calendar. It has two hooks as if the paper is a rip-off type of calendar per month, with small shaded squares with symbolizing days of a month.

09:00 PM EDTAn icon representing a clock. It is a circular clock with the hour hand at the four and minute at the twelve.

Arcade Comedy TheaterAn icon representing a home. It is a straight forward view of a home with an angled roof, no windows, and a door slightly off-center to the right.

Jerome &: The Comedy Variety Show

    There are three giant circles that overlap from left to right, with the left most not touching the rightmost. And the center bridging the gap. The first circle is bright neon green with an ampersand cut-out of it, the center has the date & time of show in bold black letters on a neon pink background, and the third circle has an black-and-white image of a dog with Groucho Marx glasses. COMEDY! To the right are the text listing of the acts with the title of the show, Jerome &: The Comedy Variety Show!

    Improv, Stand-Up, Music, Oh My!

    There’s “Yes &” and then there’s “Jerome &” the comedy variety show that combines improv, music, sketch, stand-up, & you! Jerome welcomes local friends and out-of-town pals to provide you with a night full of hilarity unlike any other. This month’s special guests:

    • Improv: John Feightner
    • Live Music: C.Scott
    • Sketch: Max Rubenstein
    • Stand-up: Asher O’Briant

    Starring featured players Nonsense, Raina Deerwater, & Sara Kantner!

    Jerome has been a mainstay at the Arcade Comedy Theater producing and performing shows with Alex O’Jerome, JFLE, The Justin And Jerome Experience, The Death Show, The Playlist, & Warp Zone. And as a cast member of Bubble Boy: The Musical. He's featured at SF Sketchfest and other festivals from NYC to Chicagoland to San Diego and in-between. You’re in for a real treat!

    Come for the laughs, stay for the laughs, leave with them laughs.



    • Nonsense


    • C. Scott


    • Asher O'Briant
    • John Feightner
    • Max Rubenstein
    • Sara Kantner