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Arcade Comedy Theater

943 Liberty Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Knights of the Arcade: 10th

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Epic 10th Anniversary Celebration

“Best Nerd Fantasy Come to Life” – Pittsburgh Magazine
“A neo-geek wet dream” – Pittsburgh City Paper

Get tickets now for an unforgettable evening of laughter, adventure, and celebration! Join us on Saturday, September 16, at 9 PM as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Knights of the Arcade, the ultimate live Dungeons & Dragons comedy extravaganza, at Arcade Comedy Theater in Pittsburgh.

What started as a live D&D game has since morphed into a unique comedic spectacle that’s delighted crowds and become one of Pittsburgh’s longest-running comedy shows. With their unpredictable quests, hilarious mishaps, and constant audience interaction, the Knights have kept audiences coming back for more than a whole decade.

Over the past ten years, the Knights have shared the stage with stars like Zack Ward and Ian Petrella (“A Christmas Story”), David Fielding (“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”; Spencer Crittenden (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Community,” and “HarmonQuest”); and local celebrities like Rick Sebak and Aaron Kleiber. This band of misfit adventurers has won multiple awards and maintained a consistent run of monthly shows even during the pandemic.

This 10th-anniversary special promises to be more than just a standard performance, with exciting surprises and a one-of-a-kind quest in the works. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-timer, prepare for an evening packed with high-energy entertainment and plenty of laughs.

Jerome is a featured guest this month.


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